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Welcome to Box Design.
Box Design is owned by the designer team Ann Morsing and Beban Nord. Both studied as interior architects at the Royal Academy of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm.

In 1986, they founded their own company,
Box Design. While they were working in different environments, they noticed it was difficult to find the type of furniture they needed. As a result, they started on their own collection.
The first was ready and launched in 1993. Morsing and Nord are working with a whole, finding a connection in the collection.
The furniture should function together as a family. Functional with top quality.

Swecode "Swedish Contemporary Design" was created in 1993. The companies behind Swecode was Asplund, Box Design and CBI. The idea behind Swecode was, together, as a group, they would have the strength to expose modern Swedish design in Europe, in a way that would not be possible for each member to achieve individually. The total collection gave a clear picture of Swedish furniture design.

At the Milanfair, 1998 they launched the project "Swecode with friends - Living in Sweden". A total concept of the theme furniture, music, fashion, food and printed media were presented. Swecode, fashion company Ellegal/Illegal, record company Diesel Music, restaurant Sturehof and the

magazine Stockholm New contributed. The project was a success with a great deal of publicity.

Box Design started, for the first time, producing other designers work in 1998. Morsing and Nord found it easy to relate to the ideas presented by the highly respected American designer and artist Lloyd Schwan.
The sculptural shelf, HELP, in solid oak and the hanging unit system, MINUS, fitted perfectly in to the Box Design collection. With it´s clean and functional design.
Lloyd Schwan past away in the beginning of 2001. With great respect we will remember him through the products he made for us and for others.

In 1999 Box Design signed up with another young designer, Johannes Norlander. Johannes has designed two products for Box Design. A lamp, WAVES, and a table, FLOWER.

During autumn 2002 new products will be launched by Morsing, Nord, Norlander and other designers.

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